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Vintage Intel Corporation Professional Workstation Model LP486/33E


Vintage Laptop 486 DX4 75 Mhz ,320 Mb Ram ,Ms-dos 6.22 ,Digital HiNote CT465


Laser 486DX-33 MotherBoard


Vintage 486 DX2-66 CPU Computer DOS 6.22 3.5 5.25 Floppy VESA ISA Slots New HD!


Intel i486 DX2 with Heatsink


Intel i486 DX2, SX, Winchip, and Celeron Processor lot of 6, USED/ Gold Scrap


Vintage PC Mainboard with 66 MHz Intel i486-DX2 CPU and 32 MB RAM with Modem


Rare collectible Am5x86-P75 AMD AM486DX5-133W16BHC Chip on board


Rare collectible Am5x86-P75 AMD AM486DX5-133W16BHC Chip on board w/ Heatsink


FIC 486GT Cyrix Cx486 DX2 [email protected] 4MB RAM Vintage Socket 3 Baby AT Motherboard


ECS UM486V DIP Intel i486DX 33MHz 8MB RAM Vintage Baby AT VLB Motherboard


Motherboard intel i486 DX Ram US4386B Vintage Memory Ram Cpu


Vintage Intel 486DX2 CPU die: Wafer was diced but dies were never packaged.


Intel i486DX CPU A806486DX-33 (SX810) Pre Owned Good condition UNTESTED


Lot of 8 Intel CPUs - 7x i386DX-25 and 1x i486DX2-66  plus Bonus CPU Chip Puller


AMD A80486DX4-100NV8T 100MHz 486 DX4 CPU Vintage Working Tested


IBM PS/1 486DX 33MHZ PC -Win 3.1 / DOS 6, 211mb HDD - Manuals


Motherboard Socket 3 ATC-1425B with CPU AMD Am486DX2-66 TESTED!


Vintage Winbond MS4143 486 ALI2 Intel i486 DX2 Motherboard w/CPU ISA PCI w/16MB


LuckyStar 486 motherboard (Socket 3) + AMD 486 DX4-100 CPU + 16MB RAM. Tested


Vintage 1993 IBM Blue Lightning ceramic processor 486-V666GA Cyrix Cx486DX2-66


Amibios 486DX Desktop ISA Bios Board- 01-00383A


Intel i486 DX A80486DX-33 Ceramic GOLD CPU Processor 33MHz Vintage


Vintage Leading Edge 486DX Personal Computer


ACER ACROS 486DX2/50 DESKTOP PC INTEL I486DX2 50MHz 40MB w/ Resound OPL3 Card!


Vintage 486 DOS Computer Am486DX2 16MB RAM Sound Blaster Pro 2 Asus 486SV2GX4


NEW Intel 486DX4 100 FC80486DX4-100 SK053 QFP CPU


Vintage Toshiba Satellite T2105/260, Windows 3.11, Intel 486DX2, 4MB RAM, 260MB


AMD Am486 DX2-66, A80486dx2-66n


IBM PS/2 Model 76S 486DX 33MHz Computer Windows 95 SCSI 270MB 16MB RAM 2.88MB FD


Intel i486 DX A80486DX-33 SX729 Ceramic Gold Processor VINTAGE


AST 486 DX2 Advantage Adventure 4066d All-In-One Computer Motherboard Assembly


DX6700 486 ISA VLB Motherboard 486DX-33 4 MB RAM 256K Cache REPAIRED/TESTED/WORK


Cyrix Cx486 DX2/80 Processor w/FPU, 80MHz (40MHz x 2), c.1993 — **NEW**


486 AMD AM486DX4- 120 ( A80486DX4-120SV8B )


Intel i486DX2 Processor Vintage with Motherboard plus Ram


Intel Overdrive Processor - SEALED RETAIL BOX - NEW - BOXODP486DX33,S Z802


Rare collectible Am5x86-P75 AMD AM486DX5-133W16BHC Chip


Texas Instruments TI486CL Rev B SBC Single Board Computer 486DX/33MHz 16MB RAM


Canon Innova 486v Intel 486 DX2 50mhz 4mb Ram 420mb HD


Cubix AMD Am486 DX-2-66 Server Processor Card A4010


NEW Digital Logic MSM486DX V5.0 PC/104 Module 100MHz