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Shure Antenna

Shure UA844 / UA844SWB (470-952MHz) UHF Wireless Microphone Antenna Distribution


Shure SLX4 J3 Wireless Receiver w/ Antenna's and Power Supply. 572-596 mhz


Shure UA730 Replacement Omnidirectional Whip Antenna, 740-865 MHz


Shure Active Directional Antenna


NEW Shure UA8-470-638 1/2 Wave Wideband Antenna Designed for Digital Axient


(2) Shure SLX4-J3, J3 572-596MHz Receivers w/ Antennas, splitter, P.S.


Shure Active Directional Antenna UA87OUSTV  (470-698)


Shure UA844 Antenna/Power Distribution Unit 470-900 MHz Guaranteed Working


Shure WA404 antenna and power distribution system


Shure UA720 Replacement Omnidirectional Whip Antenna (578 - 698MHz)


Shure UA400 1/4 Wave Receiver Antenna


SHURE UHF Wireless System UA845-UA Antenna Power Distribution Amp 782-806MHz


SHURE ULXP4 ULX1-M1 662-698 MHz NO ANTENNA NO Power Adapter


Shure Incorporated Model UA8-470-542 MHz Wave Omnidirectional Antenna 95P21546


Shure UA844 Antenna and Power Distribution System


Genuine Shure UA8-578-638 Half Wave UHF Antenna, Brand New in Package 95B21546


Shure UR4s L3 638-698MHz USB Wireless Microphones Receiver missing antenna


Shure UA844+SWB/LC Antenna Power Distribution System, 470-952 MHz


Antenna Splitter Combiner Kit for Shure Etc. Wireless Receivers Custom Angle Wir


Shure UA8 1/2 Wave Omnidirectional Receiver Antenna, 500-560MHz Frequency Range


Shure PA805SWB /X Directional Antenna for PSM Systems, ULX, SLX, UHF-R Receivers


Antenna for Shure LX4, SC4, and similar VHF wireless microphone receivers.


Shure SLX4 Wireless Receiver w/ Antenna's, Cord and Power Supply 638-662 mhz


Front, Rear 1U Remote Dual Antenna Splitter Rack Kit BNC Male for Shure,Senn Etc


SHURE UA845-SWB UHF Antenna Distribution System Freq Range : 470-952 MHz


Shure UA844+V/LC Five-Way Active Antenna Splitter and Power Distribution System


4x BNC 1/4 Wave Mic Antenna Fit For SHURE SLX UC Wireless Microphone 400-900MHz


Front 1U Remote Quad Antenna Splitter Wireless Rack Kit BNC for Shure, Senn Etc.


Shure UA710 Omnidirectional Whip Antenna, 518-578 MHz




Shure UA874US Active Directional Microphone Antenna, 470-698 MHz NEW


2 x SHURE UA820A 1/2 Wave Antenna UHF for U4S, U4D UA Band Wireless Receiver


2Pcs 1/2- Wave BNC Antennas for Shure UA UHF Wireless U4D U4S UC4 UA8 638-698MHz


Front or Rear BNC Wireless Antenna Rack Kit W/4 18" Wires Shure Sennheiser Etc.


Antenna Splitter Combiner Kit for Shure Etc. Wireless Receivers and In ears


4pcs BNC 1/4 Wave Antenna Fit For SHURE SLX UC Wireless Microphone 400-900MHz


4Pcs BNC 1/4 Wave Antenna Fit For SHURE SLX UC Wireless Microphone 400-900MHz


Shure UA8-518-598 1/2 Wave Omnidirectional Antenna


Shure Dual Remote Wireless Antenna Rack BNC To BNC for Shure, Sennheiser etc.


UHF Antenna Distributor AND Two Paddles Power Distribution System for shure mics


Front Mount Antenna Rack Kit BNC to BNC compatible with Shure Wireless ***NEW***


Shure UR2 antenna cover


Shure SLX4 Wireless Receiver, Power Supply, Antennas, Rack Hardware G5 Frequency


Shure 95A8699 PAIR 1/4 Wave BNC Antenna